our Annual Tire Sale is back!

July 1 - 31

The Service Company's annual semi truck tire sale is back! All tires in all sizes are on sale for the month of July. Including drive tires, steer tires, trailer tires, and lift axle tires. We also install tires! Come by our shop to see what's available.

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Starting at $1000/month

Semi-Trailer Rentals

With semi-trailer rentals from The Service Company, you can easily manage short-term peaks in your business or supplement your fleet when your rig is in the shop.

More Information on Capacity Yard Trucks


The Original "Trailer Jockey" Known World-Wide.

Known as the “Original Trailer Jockey,” the TJ Series has evolved into three reliable models of yard jockey trucks: the TJ 5000, 6500, and 9000 series. The difference between each model is single or double rear axle, the surface conditions where it’ll work, and its gross combined weight rating (GCWR). All Capacity yard jockey models can be off-road or DOT, depending on your needs, as well as with your choice of features. Choose the right TJ model for you!

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