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Truck Express Lube Services in Dayton, Covington & Greenville, Ohio

To ensure your vehicle is running safely and efficiently, proper maintenance is crucial. This includes regular visits to our express oil and lube shop. When you stay on top of your truck’s lube and oil changes, your vehicle components have the necessary protection to keep running properly. This results in your truck lasting longer, driving smoother, having better fuel economy and it saves you money in extensive repairs down the road.

Mechanic changing truck oil at The Service Company

About Our Express Lube Services for Trucks & Fleets

At The Service Company, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty diesel trucks. We have 3 locations in Covington, OH., Dayton, OH., and Greenville, OH. Our teams have the knowledge and experience to keep you operating at top capacity.

Our Diesel Mechanic Team

Our certified team of technicians can keep your heavy-duty truck lubricated and road-ready for every type of journey. Regular oil changes are especially important for larger engines that undergo extreme road and driving conditions, sustained high speeds, significant mileage, and stop-and-go driving. These factors put stress on the engine which in turn demands more of the oils and fluids in your vehicle. 

Benefits of Express Lube Service

At The Service Company, we offer quick, easy and efficient express oil and lube services to get you back on the road faster.  Pull in to any of our 3 locations and let us take care of your engine with full-service oil changes, filter changes and express lube.  

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The Service Company has 3 locations to bring the best and most reliable service to you. Located in Covington, OH., Dayton, OH., Greenville, OH., and Springfield, OH., we have been repairing and maintaining our customer's equipment since 1978. With a dedication to technology and training, our service departments continue to grow and remain industry leaders. We’ll explain every aspect of the repair to keep you involved in the maintenance of your vehicle, so there are never any surprises. You can count on us to provide bumper-to-bumper repairs on all makes and models of trucks and trailers. We’re so confident in our quality workmanship at The Service Company that we extend a 1-year guarantee to you - no exceptions!

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