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Truck Transmission & Clutch Repair Services in Dayton, Covington & Greenville, Ohio

Correctly diagnosing and repairing transmission issues requires experience and the right tools. Most transmissions in today's commercial trucks have electronic modules to help with efficiency and performance. If you are experiencing transmission drivability issues, you can often avoid rebuilding the entire transmission by correctly diagnosing what is causing the issue. Count on us for your transmission & clutch repair needs.

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About Our Transmission & Clutch Repair Services for Trucks & Fleets

While clutch and transmission designs vary depending on your truck and how you use it, eventually, they all wear and break down. Having a preventative maintenance plan that includes your transmission service and adjustment according to the manufacturer's specifications will keep your truck running safe and secure.

Clutch and transmission life can differ due to several factors, including driving conditions,  and how much weight you haul. Changes in clutch pedal pressure, unusual noises when you depress the clutch, difficulty shifting, temporary loss of acceleration, or slipping are symptoms of a clutch or transmission problem that needs immediate attention.

Signs That Your Transmission Needs Service  

Transmission and clutch life can vary depending on things like traffic, haul weight, and towing frequency. We can help diagnose problems before your vehicle becomes dangerous to drive.

Unusual noises when pressing the clutch pedal

If you notice noise from your clutch when you release or press the clutch pedal, chances are your pilot, release, or throw-out bearings are failing and will need to be replaced.

Difficulty shifting gears or into reverse

Difficulty shifting into gear is often caused by the clutch disc not moving away from the spinning flywheel.   Another likely culprit is the clutch brake is worn or misadjusted and unable to stop the transmission input shaft.

Rough or erratic shifting

With today’s automated truck transmission, as the transmission ages and wears, a common complaint is rough shifting.   This is most often an internal issue that can be diagnosed and repaired with the correct software, tools, and skills.

Whether your transmission needs an adjustment, repair, or total rebuild, it's critical to take your truck to a shop that you can trust. 

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The Service Company has 3 locations to bring the best and most reliable service to you. Located in Covington, OH., Dayton, OH., Greenville, OH., and Springfield, OH., we have been repairing and maintaining our customer's equipment since 1978. With a dedication to technology and training, our service departments continue to grow and remain industry leaders. We’ll explain every aspect of the repair to keep you involved in the maintenance of your vehicle, so there are never any surprises. You can count on us to provide bumper-to-bumper repairs on all makes and models of trucks and trailers. We’re so confident in our quality workmanship at The Service Company that we extend a 1-year guarantee to you - no exceptions!

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