our Annual Tire Sale is back!

July 1 - 31

The Service Company's annual semi truck tire sale is back! All tires in all sizes are on sale for the month of July. Including drive tires, steer tires, trailer tires, and lift axle tires. We also install tires! Come by our shop to see what's available.

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Trailers For Sale

Any time you purchase a new or used trailer you’re making a significant investment and with that you should look to obtain as much information about the unit as possible.  The Service Company is experienced in trailer sales and we are committed to working with you to help you find the right trailer for your specific transportation needs.

Let’s face it, a key reason to buy a used trailer is to save money on more-expensive new models. Previously owned trailers can definitely offer considerable savings compared to anything new off the lot.  Another upside, is that it can provide a great opportunity to acquire a reliable and time-tested piece of equipment. At The Service Company, we believe that you don’t have to settle for less use just because you want to save money with a used unit.

Check out our inventory of trailers for sale in Ohio.

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