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February 20, 2024

Peterbilt Truck Repair: Signs Your Peterbilt Truck Needs Suspension Repair

Peterbilt Truck Repair: Signs Your Peterbilt Truck Needs Suspension Repair

The suspension system in a Peterbilt truck increases tire-road contact friction, increases passenger comfort, and provides steering stability. Over time, Peterbilt vehicles' suspension systems have significantly developed, and the suspension systems on today's Peterbilt trucks are more sophisticated than ever.

Despite the improvements made to suspension systems, problems still sometimes occur. Torque bars, leaf springs, shock absorbers, and air systems on particular Peterbilt trucks are like front-line battling warriors: Daily, drivers suffer from the effects of potholed roads, railroad tracks, rain, snow, salt on the roads, gravel, all sorts of dirt and grime, and the occasional piece of scrap metal or other debris that they discover too late to avoid.

Under such conditions, years of excessive usage might hurt or degrade just about every component of a suspension system. How do you tell whether the suspension on your Peterbilt vehicle needs to be repaired? If your suspension is worn or damaged, you may notice the following signs and symptoms. 

Wheel Alignment Issues

When your suspension isn't working correctly, you may not think of your wheels, but you should. The wheels must be pointed in the right direction and have the proper toe-in, camber, and caster alignments. If they aren't, your straight-ahead steering will be off-center, increasing tire wear. Wheel misalignment is a common symptom of suspension wear as worn suspension components ruin your alignment. 

Take worn shock absorbers as an example. Because your shock absorbers can no longer keep your tires firmly planted on the road, you may notice more bouncing after bumps and a lot of shaking when they are worn out. When shocks start to leak, suspension performance will be negatively impacted since shocks contain fluid that controls rebound movement. 

Uncomfortable Ride Quality


Shock absorbers are responsible for absorbing road vibrations and impacts. Although they’re quite durable and don’t require routine maintenance, they can still leak. Leaks mean there’s less fluid to control your rebound movement, which in turn makes your ride very rough. If you believe your shocks are damaged, we highly recommend coming in for service as soon as you can. 

Uneven Suspension Support

The leaf springs on your Peterbilt vehicle are a crucial component of your suspension system. They sustain the weight of your Peterbilt vehicle, and as they age, they could break or droop. You can have a damaged spring if your Peterbilt vehicle is on level ground but one corner is lower than the others. By measuring the corner heights, you may confirm the validity of your visual clue. Because a broken spring cannot control the weight it is supporting, you can hear clunking noises while driving over bumps, and the Peterbilt truck might not corner confidently.

What should you do if there are suspension problems with your Peterbilt trucks?

If the suspension system on your Peterbilt semi truck is worn or damaged, we highly recommend coming in for service as soon as possible. Damaged components can have a cascading effect, meaning what would have once cost a few hundred dollars to fix could cost thousands if left unchecked. Not to mention the safety risks associated with a worn suspension system are significant. Leaking shock absorbers, worn leaf springs, and even a damaged air line can affect your suspension to the point where it’s difficult to control your truck through turns or at high speeds. Don’t let a bad suspension system slow you down, give us a call today.