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A/C Hoses

Modern diesel trucks and machines have advanced and sophisticated A/C systems. Relied on to carry high-pressure refrigerant, the A/C hoses support your system to keep your truck cabin cool while undergoing a tremendous amount of demand.  It’s not uncommon for A/C hoses to wear over time.  At The Service Company, we stock a large selection of A/C hoses and fittings so we can get you back up and comfortably running.   

More Information on A/C Hoses

A/C Hoses in Ohio

Inside the shop in Greenville at The Service Company

high-pressure hoses

A/C hoses in diesel trucks function using high and low pressures. The refrigerant originates at one side of the A/C system at low pressure and is converted to liquid using high pressure so that it can flow through the system. Both low and high-pressure sides of the system work together to keep refrigerant flowing so that the system can function properly. Your truck’s A/C hoses carry the refrigerant from the compressor outlet to the receiver so that it can be cooled and used to produce cold air for the cabin.

monitoring your a/c hose's condition

A/C hoses should be checked frequently for leaks and defects and replaced immediately if wear and tear is noticed. Since the A/C high-pressure hose carries high-pressure refrigerant, it is subject to high levels of stress when in use. Just like any other component in your diesel truck, it can fail and cause problems for the rest of the system. When the A/C high-pressure hose is beginning to have trouble, it will usually display a few symptoms that can alert the operator that it requires attention.

Signs of a failing A/C Hose
  • Leaking around the hose
  • Noticeable damage to the hose
  • A/C not cooling

one-stop-shop for your a/c hose needs

Located in Covington, OH., Dayton, OH., and Greenville, OH., The Service Company has 3 locations to provide you with trusted and experienced service. Our team has been repairing and maintaining our customer's equipment since 1978. With a dedication to technology and training, you can count on us to provide bumper-to-bumper repairs on all makes and models of trucks and trailers. We’re so confident in our quality workmanship at The Service Company that we extend a 1-year guarantee to you - no exceptions!

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