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May 7, 2024

Why Is My Handling So Poor? A Guide For Truckers

Why Is My Handling So Poor? A Guide For Truckers

The handling of your truck is of the utmost importance, not just for your comfort but for the safety of you and your cargo on the road. Poor handling can transform a simple route into a strenuous and dangerous task. This guide will delve into the common reasons behind poor handling in trucks and provide solutions to ensure your heavy-duty or medium-duty vehicle operates smoothly and safely.

Damaged Shock Absorbers: The Jarring Truth

Shock absorbers are crucial for maintaining the stability and control of your truck, and are a pivotal piece of your suspension. They absorb impacts from road irregularities and help manage rebound movement. When they're damaged, your truck can start to handle poorly, making every pothole and road bump a nightmare.

Symptoms of Damaged Shock Absorbers:

  • Rough Ride: Every bump is felt, indicating that shocks aren’t being absorbed as they should. This is often a sign that your shock absorbers are leaking fluid from their upper or lower seals. Beyond the handling and safety implications, this can also cause premature component wear. 
  • Leaking Fluid: If you notice fluid leaking from the upper or lower seals of the shock absorbers, it’s a clear sign they need replacing.

Regular checks by our team here at The Service Company can catch these issues early, ensuring your ride remains smooth and your control intact.

Bad Bushings: Small Parts, Big Problems

Bushings might be small components in the suspension system, but their health is vital. They cushion and reduce friction between the suspension parts, aiding in smooth operation. Worn-out bushings lead to increased vibration, noise, and component wear, all contributing to less precise handling.

Spotting Worn Bushings:

  • Excessive Noise: Squeaks or clunks from the suspension are a giveaway.
  • Uneven Tire Wear: Caused by increased movement and misalignment of suspension components.

Replacing bad bushings is a straightforward fix that can greatly improve your truck’s handling. Stop by The Service Company to get this sorted with ease.

Misalignment: Off the Straight Path

Wheel alignment is fundamental for good handling. Misalignment can cause your truck to pull to one side, leading to uneven tire wear and a decrease in overall control.

Alignment Corrections:

At The Service Company, we recommend regular alignment checks every six months or following a significant impact or new tire installation. Correct alignment not only improves handling but also enhances fuel efficiency and tire longevity.

Seized Brakes: An Unexpected Drag

Seized brakes can significantly affect your truck's handling by creating a drag that pulls the vehicle to one side. This issue often goes unnoticed as it can gradually worsen over time.

Freeing Seized Brakes:

Our team at The Service Company is adept at diagnosing and fixing seized brakes, ensuring that all components—brake shoes, drums, slack adjusters, etc—are functioning correctly. Regular maintenance can prevent this problem from developing.

Overheating Power Steering Fluid

When power steering fluid overheats, it can degrade and become less effective, making steering more difficult and less responsive. This issue often points to a deeper problem within the power steering system.

Maintaining Power Steering Fluid:

  • Regular Checks: Ensure the fluid is at the right level and not past its service life.
  • Leak Inspection: Ensuring your power steering fluid isn’t leaking from places like your steering box can prevent issues from occurring. 

At The Service Company, we can check your system for any signs of leaks or damage and suggest the best solutions to keep your steering smooth and responsive.

Final Thoughts; Contact Us Today 

Poor handling can stem from various sources, all of which compromise your safety and comfort on the road. From damaged shock absorbers and worn bushings to misalignment and brake issues, each element requires attention to ensure optimal performance of your truck. 

At The Service Company in Dayton, Ohio, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing these issues, ensuring that every truck leaves our shop ready to handle the demands of the road with ease. Don’t let poor handling slow you down; let us help you steer clear of trouble. Visit us today for a comprehensive check-up and drive away with confidence in your vehicle’s handling capabilities.

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