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Specialized Services

Axle Boring

Have your vehicle’s kingpins caused premature wear on your front axle eye? You’re in luck, Our state of the art axle boring machine provides an affordable, simple and quick way to enhance worn axle eyes with case hardened sleeves that bring your axle back to new in just one day and without the need to remove the axle from the truck.

Custom Built Drivelines

At The Service Company, we build and repair driveshaft and driveline systems for heavy-duty purposes. Our expert team has experience producing heavy-duty shafts and will work with you to assess your needs and ensure that a quality product is built to your specifications. 

DPF Cleaning

Why wait until your DPF is fully blocked for cleaning? The service technicians at The Service Company are experienced in DPF repairs, maintenance and cleaning.

Engine Counterboring

Heavy-duty diesel engine blocks often need counterboring during repair or if they have been overhauled. Typically the engine block and wet liners develop a leak and the counterbore seats in the engine block which require them to be resurfaced during an engine overhaul. The team at The Service Company is skilled in utilizing precision machining equipment to ensure a proper engine counterbore on your heavy-duty truck. Our focus is to provide accurate machining facilities and service in order to reduce your downtime and increase your vehicle's longevity.

Flywheel Grinding

At The Service Company, we offer flywheel grinding which can help prolong the life of your flywheel. Our skilled technicians can accurately diagnose issues with your clutch assembly and will work with you to determine the best repair approach. The process of resurfacing your flywheel requires highly specialized knowledge and a great deal of experience to properly execute. You can rely on the team at all 3 of our locations to meticulously resurface your truck’s flywheel which will improve the grip of your truck’s clutch disk, preventing slippage and keeping your vehicle ready to take on the road.

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