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Trailer Chassis Repair Shop

Harsh road conditions, extreme weather, long miles and heavy loads can all have an impact on your trailer’s chassis. At The Service Company, our technicians are experienced in chassis repair and correction for all makes and models of heavy-duty trailers. Our certified team utilizes a large range of industry-leading tools to correct side sway and twisting with minimal disassembly of the vehicle. We are also able to adjust the correction system to raise and lower the chassis, making it easier for us to restore your trailer to its original specs.

More Information on Trailer Axle Repair service

Trailer AxLE Repair Service

Every trailer needs axles in order to operate properly because the axles conduct the power that provides momentum in order for the wheels to turn.

Axle service you can rely on

Axles are essential components of your trailer. Trailer axles transfer the weight of the trailer to the wheels.

There are many things that can cause strain on your trailer’s axle, such as clocking many miles, dealing with potholes and poor road conditions, covering uneven surfaces and hauling heavy loads. Your axle should be monitored for misalignment and straightened from time to time in order to ensure that your trailer is operating as efficiently as possible. The Service Company has 3 convenient locations so that we can be sure to provide quality axle service. You can rely on our certified technicians to maintain your trailer’s axle so that you can enjoy a smoother ride and your vehicle will have a longer lifespan. 

How can you tell if your trailer’s axle is damaged or misaligned?

There are quite a few signs that your trailer’s axle is broken or misaligned. Some of these cues can be small and easy to miss or ignore, but if you are able to identify them early you can get your trailer in for service and prevent more costly breakdowns. 

Common symptoms you might experience when your axle components have been damaged:

  • Wobbly wheels
  • Irregular tire wear
  • Wheel seals that leak repeatedly
  • Vibrations in your wheel that increase at higher speeds
  • Premature bearing failure

More Information on Trailer Brake Service

Trailer Brake Service

Operators know without a doubt that your trailer’s brakes are a key component that should never be overlooked.

have confidence in your brakes

Your brake system involves many different components, and each one has to function correctly to keep you and others safe. Worn brakes can make it difficult to slow, turn, stop and control your trailer.

Stopping should never be something you have doubts about, and at The Service Company, our technicians are here to make sure you can always rely on your trailer's brakes.   That being said, even the most reliable braking system can fail. The weight of a semi-truck trailer places a lot of strain on brake components and can cause them to deteriorate over time. For your safety, and for the safety of everyone around you on the road, make sure to get your brakes serviced and maintained regularly.

How do you know when your brakes need service?

How much your tires wear varies based on your use of the vehicle, the weight of your cargo, road conditions and exposure to the elements.  While regular inspections and service can eliminate the most serious brake issues, there are some signs that you may have a brake problem. If you have trouble stopping or notice any of the following, have your brake system serviced immediately.

Noise when braking

If you notice scraping, grinding, whistling or squeaking sounds while braking is a sign your pads are likely worn to the point where the calipers are grinding against your rotors. This requires immediate service. Not doing so can result in damage to your rotors and end up costing you much more in repairs.

Your trailer pulls to the left or right

If you’re noticing pulling while driving, this might indicate issues with your calipers or air brake hose. It can also indicate issues with the alignment of your tires, but regardless, you should have your trailer serviced as soon as possible.


If you notice that your system is taking longer to charge than normal that may be an indication of air leaks. Since air brake systems rely on the pressurized air to both engage and disengage the breaks, it is critical that any possible leaks be inspected immediately.

More Information on Trailer Suspension Service

Trailer Suspension Service

Your trailer's suspension system works as cushion against the shock and impact of the road surface

the complex trailer suspension system

Your trailer’s suspension system helps your wheels to remain in even contact with the road, and drive smoothly over potholes, rough roads, or off-road terrain so that you can brake, steer, and safely control your trailer. A suspension system that functions correctly helps stabilize your trailer, smooths the ride, and maintains the proper axle spacing and alignment.

Today's suspension systems are incredibly robust but can be very difficult to diagnose when a vehicle is not maintained properly. For example, when a barely noticeable squeak or rattle is allowed to continue for an extended period, other suspension components such as tires or brakes can be affected.

In addition, a wide range of bushings, arms, bump stops, and other components are all required to work together perfectly to provide a comfortable ride.

The suspension system on your trailer can include all or some of the following:

  • Air bag
  • Air springs
  • Shocks
  • Equalizers
  • Spring
  • Spring pad
  • Torque arms
  • Leveling valve

When to seek out trailer suspension service  

When to seek service will depend on the type of springs you have for your trailer. The team of expert mechanics at all 4 locations of The Service Company specializes in fixing leaf, coil and air springs.

Leaf and coil springs are essential to the suspension systems of large commercial vehicles. But over time, shocks, bumps and potholes can impact their integrity and performance.

Over/under-inflation, and damage from road debris can impact air spring performance over time. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential.

Put heavy-duty trailer suspension repair in the hands of a professional mechanic to save yourself time, and hassle and be sure it’s getting done right the first time.

More Information on Trailer Tire Service

Trailer Tire Service

Every member of the team at The Service Company takes great pride in the fact that we have the capability to service any trailer tire issue, regardless of its severity. 

Mechanic at work at The Service Company

don't let your trailer tirEs fall flat

Flat tires can be a serious interruption to your work, but more importantly, a flat tire can be a serious threat to your safety on the road. Unfortunately, fixing a flat or servicing an old tire is just part of life on the road. The Service Company can help determine the best approach to either repairing or replacing your tires. We have the capability and inventory to help with most trailer tire needs.  Every member of the team at The Service Company takes great pride in the fact that we have the capability to service any tire issue, regardless of its severity.

Signs of damage to your trailer tires

You subject your trailer tires to a lot. They get stretched, they get rolled millions of times, and they are exposed to all kinds of weather, brake dust, chemicals and frequent heating and cooling. While tires are often made with top-of-the-line anti-aging chemicals, exposure will eventually cause all tires to lose elasticity and cracks may appear.

Bubbles or bulges may also appear in the sidewall. These are the results of a tire’s inner liner being damaged from an impact that creates a small hole and compromises the strength of the sidewall plies. These bubbles can be a serious danger to you and other drivers on the road. Often these can be identified in the driver’s daily vehicle inspection.  If noticed, please seek out service immediately.

trust our trailer experts to keep you rolling

Located in Covington, OH., Dayton, OH., and Greenville, OH., The Service Company has 3 locations to provide you with trusted and experienced service. Our team has been repairing and maintaining our customer's equipment since 1978. With a dedication to technology and training, you can count on us to provide bumper-to-bumper repairs on all makes and models of trucks and trailers. We’re so confident in our quality workmanship at The Service Company that we extend a 1-year guarantee to you - no exceptions!

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