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Diesel Engine Repair Shop in Dayton, Covington, & Greenville, Ohio

The Service Company has 3 locations in Covington, Dayton, & Greenville, OH. Our shops are staffed with ASE-certified technicians and equipped with the most up-to-date and industry-leading technologies to meet all your truck repair needs. Whether you’re bringing your rig in for a scheduled preventative maintenance service or you find yourself with an unexpected break-down, you can rely on our team to have you up and running and back on the road in no time.

More Information on Coolant Systems

Coolant Systems

Understanding what your coolant system is and how it works is the first step in being able to identify when it may need maintenance or repair.

Mechanic under a truck at The Service Company

understanding your coolant system

One of the primary functions of coolant is to regulate heat within the cylinder head and engine block. The coolant system is designed to circulate a cooling medium which absorbs heat from the engine and dissipates it through a heat exchanger (i.e., a radiator or cooler). Coolant picks up heat and disseminates it to the radiator. Coolant is also used to shield against freezing and boiling, corrosion and pitting of cylinder liners and the engine block. 

If a problem occurs in the process of dispersing the engine heat, then this is where you would begin to see equipment failure and engine issues, including engine failure. 

What can you do to help maintain your coolant system?

Visit any of our 3 locations and one of our certified mechanics can speak with you about the industry best practices to maintain your coolant systems and prolong the life of your heavy-duty vehicles.

some of these practices may include:
  • Ensuring the cooling system is filled with coolant and the freeze protection level is adequate
  • Using the same coolant already in the engine for top-ups
  • Checking radiator fluid levels and concentration
  • Properly cleaning and flush the system when coolant is changed
  • Checking the integrity of the radiator cap and looking for leaks

More Information on Diagnostics & Electrical Service

Diagnostics & Electrical

When your truck develops an issue, you need it diagnosed, serviced and repaired quickly so you can get back on the road and back to work.

Diesel repair from The Service Company

the importance of diagnostics & electrical

Modern diesel engines are more intricate than ever, and while they are remarkably dependable, they do require regular maintenance and service to ensure prime performance.

The diagnosis and repair of electrical problems is perhaps the most time-consuming and difficult form of vehicle diagnosis. With many truck’s electrical systems, and connections buried deep within the interior and body panels of the vehicle, electrical problems require a great deal of knowledge, experience, and patience to locate and repair. Not to mention, modern, up-to-date technologies and diagnostic equipment. Each of our 3 locations has a team of tech-savvy and experienced technicians who are able to use computer diagnostic systems to locate and target the exact cause of engine or vehicle failure with bang-on accuracy. Not only do you get quick and accurate diagnostics, but our systems also save you money that you may have otherwise spent on unnecessary assessments and repairs. 

We diagnose and service all makes and models of heavy-duty diesel trucks and work closely with manufacturers to overcome challenges and develop comprehensive solutions that address our customer's needs. 

Common Indicators of electrical issues

The number one indicator of an electrical issue will be a light (or array of lights) on your dashboard.  Beyond that, there are some other signs you may notice which could be your truck telling you there’s an electrical problem:

The number one indicator of an electrical issue will be a light (or array of lights) on your dashboard.  Beyond that, there are some other signs you may notice which could be your truck telling you there’s an electrical problem:

  • Damaged or failed battery
  • Inability to start your engine
  • The smell of burnt plastic
  • Faulty or discoloured wiring
  • Dull headlights or brake lights

Schedule Driveline Service

Truck Driveline Service

Your heavy-duty truck’s driveline is an essential part of your truck’s controls. It connects the transmission to the axles and propels your vehicle forwards and backwards. At The Service Company, we can handle all of your driveline maintenance and repairs requirements and get you back on the road, moving in the right direction.

Truck being serviced at The Service Company

your driveline specialists

All 3 of our locations have expert technicians and advanced technology and equipment to administer high-quality repair services for all models of heavy-duty trucks. We understand that time is money, and we make it our mission to get you safely on your way as soon as possible. 

Your driveline is composed of many crucial components, one of which is the differential. When you drive around a corner, your outside wheels have to travel farther than the inside wheels. Sure, it may seem like a small amount of distance but that little bit adds up to a lot. If this is not compensated for properly it can cause severe damage to your vehicle over time. Your differential compensates for this difference in the distance through a set of gears that transfer the torque mechanically. The main point of this is to keep the load on the engine and transmission steady no matter how sharp your vehicle turns.

How do you know if your driveline needs to be serviced?

  • It’s been a while since your last service. - Even a permanently lubed driveline still needs a periodic inspection to prevent downtime or warranty issues. It is better to catch a problem or damage before it becomes worse.‍
  • You’ve driven 30,000 - 43,000 miles without changing your differential fluid. - The differential fluid is critical to keeping this component running smoothly. If you’re hauling heavy loads, we recommend even more frequent service appointments.
  • The truck has been driven hard. - Frequent popping of the clutch or spinning of the tires can wreak havoc because when they catch, it creates a shock load that can result in either a fractured U-joint or driveline tube being twisted. This type of damage is visible and obvious to the repair technicians. ‍
  • There’s been an accident. - Even minor impacts such as backing up into a loading dock or hitting a parking pole can damage the driveline. This type of collision creates extensive shock and unexpected pressure on the driveline that can be catastrophic. ‍

Schedule Engine Overhaul & Repair Service

Engine Overhaul & Repair

Our facilities are equipped to overhaul or repair all types of ageing or worn diesel engines.

Truck being serviced at The Service Company

In need of an engine repair or overhaul?

The Service Company has 3 locations in Ohio and offers a complete diesel engine solution for your heavy-duty truck. Our facilities are equipped to overhaul or repair all types of worn or ageing diesel engines. From a ring and a valve job to a complete engine overhaul, our team will work with you to find the best solution for your needs and budget.

You’ll be able to identify that it’s time your engine needs some maintenance if you start to hear knocking sounds, if it’s running rough or not firing at all.  When you bring your heavy-duty truck to any of The Service Company’s locations, you can trust that our skilled technicians will use our sophisticated diagnostic software to find the cause of your problem and come up with an appropriate repair solution.

How to identify if your engine needs an overhaul or repair?

An engine overhaul is a major diesel engine repair that involves the full removal, disassembly, inspection and repair of an engine. During the overhaul, all components (bearings, pistons/liners, cylinder head, turbo and injectors) are inspected to ensure they are within the manufacturer's tolerance. Any parts that fall outside of those tolerances are replaced.  During disassembly, the engine is cleaned thoroughly to remove built-up grime and debris. Since your entire engine is being taken apart, it’s much easier for our mechanic to identify problems and replace malfunctioning parts. Once everything has been cleaned and the necessary replacements have been made, the engine will be put back together and set back into the truck.

If you notice any of these problems, it is likely time to bring your heavy-duty truck in to get overhauled or repaired  immediately:

  • Your engine has spun a rod bearing. This is one of the worst failures that can occur inside your diesel engine.
  • Your engine has very low or no oil pressure. A fuel or coolant leak can contaminate the engine oil, which leads to a high oil level in the crankcase.
  • Your engine has dropped a valve. This is an all too common and critical fault of a diesel engine.

Schedule EGR & DPF Service

EGR & DPF Cleaning & Services

Regular EGR and DPF cleaning and maintenance is important to assure correct engine function and proper emission compliance.

Mechanic at work at The Service Company

What are EGR & DPF Systems?

The EGR and DPF systems in your heavy-duty truck work together as part of your emissions system to limit the output of harmful exhaust. 

An Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a valve that also reduces emissions. It works by circulating part of the exhaust gas back to the engine’s cylinders. This prevents DPF failure because it sends gases away from the engine, making it run more efficiently. The main goal of an EGR is to reduce the amount of nitrous oxide running through the exhaust system.

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a part of the exhaust of your truck that collects soot to keep the air clean. It captures particles in a mesh net and reduces harmful emissions.

Your truck’s EGR and DPF systems are essential components for proper engine emission control.  Regular maintenance is important to assure correct engine function and proper emission compliance. Although they do reduce emissions, these systems often put a strain on your engine and, especially if not maintained, can reduce the lifespan of your diesel truck

How to tell if your EGR and/or DPF systems are blocked

The EGR can become clogged and get stuck open or closed and your DPF system can quickly become clogged. Diesel trucks and their emissions control systems are designed for heavy towing at long distances. So, if you're using your diesel truck as a grocery-getter, you'll likely run into emission control system problems.  

You'll know your DPF is blocked when an orange light appears on your dashboard (it will look like smoke blowing through a filter). But why wait until it’s completely clogged? When dealing with a clogged EGR or DPF, cleaning is an essential service.  The service technicians at The Service Company are experienced in EGR and DPF repairs, maintenance and cleaning. Our technicians provide a detailed, quality cleaning and repair service for your EGR and DPF. 

Schedule Exhaust System Service

Exhaust Systems

Your truck's exhaust system is as important as the engine when it comes to safety and decreasing your  carbon footprint.

Heavy-duty diesel repairs at The Service Company in Dayton, Ohio

Why is the exhaust system important?

The function of an exhaust system in your heavy-duty truck is to help prevent toxic fumes from building inside your truck and reduce them from being emitted into the environment. When your exhaust system is working properly, it directly reflects your truck's fuel efficiency. It is as important as the engine when it comes to safety and decreasing your truck’s carbon footprint on our environment. A good truck exhaust system yields aesthetic values like quiet engine sounds, while also positively impacting the environment and health of people around you. 

The emission system is a sophisticated process that keeps improving after every few decades. We offer preventive maintenance services that include checking everything from busted pipes and complex computer procedures that balances the fuel to air mixture. At The Service Company, we have certified technicians trained and experienced to work on all truck exhaust systems and models. Considering that a faulty exhaust system harms you and the environment, there are strict government regulations on maintenance standards of commercial vehicles. To satisfy these conditions, our professional mechanics use computer-controlled, high-tech equipment to diagnose and repair your truck’s exhaust system.

emmission control and monitoring

Engine emissions can be harmful if there is a problem with the combustion process. A faulty catalytic converter leads to excess production of toxic gases. Sometimes, the exhaust system's pipes and other connecting parts can become loose or rust after driving your truck through wet or rocky terrains. 

A good truck exhaust service includes a proper maintenance schedule and regular inspection of the exhaust system. Our professional experts are available for consultations and information at any time. We are your professional and reliable truck and trailer exhaust system service providers!

Schedule HVAC System Service

HVAC Systems

At The Service Company we understand that air conditioning is not just a luxury, but a necessity to keep heavy-duty truck operators comfortable and happy during their long hours on the road in their home away from home. 

Heavy-duty diesel repairs at The Service Company in Dayton, Ohio

HVAC System Diagnostics & Repair

Truck drivers can spend weeks at a time in their trucks delivering products across North America and we want our customers to be as comfortable as possible while doing critical work. It's important for your truck's HVAC system to be in good working condition before heading out on the road.

Are you noticing that your truck is struggling to maintain consistent heating, cooling or ventilation? Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians recognize that there are many possible issues that can arise with a heavy-duty truck’s HVAC system, and these can often be challenging to diagnose. Using industry-advanced technology, our team of trained mechanics can quickly and accurately identify your HVAC system issues before making any repairs or recommendations. We aim to cure the issue and not just patch the symptom.

When to seek out service

Heating and A/C systems get clogged or leaky with regular use. This impacts their efficiency, your comfort, and the overall cost-effectiveness of your vehicle.

The air smells damp like mildew and/or mould

If you notice an odd smell coming from your A/C unit it may be a sign that it’s clogged and moisture is being retained somewhere in your vehicle. This can cause permanent damage over time so make sure to get it serviced right away.

Your windows are not defrosting quickly

Excess moisture buildup in your cabin can be caused by a clogged A/C unit. If you have trouble defrosting or defogging your windows, please speak to an expert.

Weak airflow at the highest fan setting

When the AC filters are clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, the airflow through the vents in your home may be reduced, lowering the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Schedule Transmission & Clutch Service

Transmission & Clutch Service

While clutch and transmission designs vary depending on your truck and how you use it, eventually, they all wear and break down. Having your transmission serviced according to the manufacturer's specifications will keep your truck running safe and secure.

Heavy-duty diesel repairs at The Service Company in Dayton, Ohio

diagnosing and repairing transmission issues

Clutch and transmission life can differ due to several factors, including driving conditions,  and how much weight you haul. Changes in clutch pedal pressure, unusual noises when you depress the clutch, difficulty shifting, temporary loss of acceleration, or slipping are symptoms of a clutch or transmission problem that needs immediate attention.

Correctly diagnosing and repairing transmission issues requires experience and the right tools. For example, sometimes a transmission will leak fluid but have no other drive-ability issues. When this happens, you can often avoid rebuilding the entire transmission by removing it and replacing external seals and selected components. However, in other cases, worn internal parts are damaged, and a rebuild of the unit is required. 

Signs that your transmission needs service

Transmission and clutch life can vary depending on things like traffic, haul weight, and towing frequency. We can help diagnose problems before your vehicle becomes dangerous to drive.

Unusual noises when pressing the clutch pedal

If you notice noise from your clutch when you release or press the clutch pedal, chances are your pilot, release, or throw-out bearings are failing and will need to be replaced.

Difficulty shifting gears, or into reverse.

Difficulty shifting is likely caused by the clutch disc not moving away from the spinning flywheel. The culprit is more often than not the hydraulic system that operates the clutch, which could be leaking.

Whether your truck's transmission needs an adjustment, repair, or total rebuild, it's critical to take your truck to a shop that you can trust.

Count on The Service Company

The Service Company has 3 locations to bring the best and most reliable service to you. Located in Covington, OH., Dayton, OH., and Greenville, OH., we have been repairing and maintaining our customer's equipment since 1978. With a dedication to technology and training, you can count on us to provide bumper-to-bumper repairs on all makes and models of trucks and trailers. We’re so confident in our quality workmanship at The Service Company that we extend a 1-year guarantee to you - no exceptions!

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