our Annual Tire Sale is back!

July 1 - 31

The Service Company's annual semi truck tire sale is back! All tires in all sizes are on sale for the month of July. Including drive tires, steer tires, trailer tires, and lift axle tires. We also install tires! Come by our shop to see what's available.

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Yard Trucks For Sale

Yard trucks are frequently used to move trailers and cargo containers. They are also referred to as spotter trucks, yard jockeys and terminal tractors. These mules of the diesel truck industry are utilized most frequently in cargo yards, cross-docking terminals, ports and warehouses or distribution centers.

The short wheelbase of yard trucks provides a tight turning radius which allows for operators to maneuver containers or trailers in crowded spaces. Unlike larger trucks, these yard jockeys are designed for the unpaved and rough terrain often found in trailer and cargo yards.

The Service Company has you covered for your yard truck purchasing needs. We’ll work with you to determine the best machine for your yard’s specific needs.

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